If you haven't heard of this game by now, it's a shame....but I will educate you because it's an addicting, fun one that is so easy to transport (since it's a card game) & pretty easy to learn too. If you have a bunch of friends or family who like negotiating … Continue reading Bohnanza!


Easter Week Quotes!

Video of the #PRINCEofPEACE below: *Happy Easter!* Friday, April 14, 2017: "By His Atonement and Resurrection, Jesus Christ has overcome all aspects of the Fall. Physical death will be temporary, and even spiritual death has an end, in that all come back into the presence of God, at least temporarily, to be judged. We … Continue reading Easter Week Quotes!

Kinedu App Review

As a former educator, I have every intention of helping my son meet developmental milestones as he progresses through babyhood. Kinedu is an app designed for parents like me, who want to help their children learn every day, but at their appropriate developmental stage. The categories that the activities focus on are: linguistic, cognitive, physical, … Continue reading Kinedu App Review

Beet Risotto

Ever searching for healthier ways to feed my family, I have been experimenting with all kinds of recipes. This beet risotto (accompanied by beef crumbles)  is actually quite nutritious & filling; a new family favorite at our house! Ingredients: *1.5 cups of Arborio Rice *2 tablespoons olive or avocado oil *1/2 -1 lb. of hamburger … Continue reading Beet Risotto