Last week from Elder B!

I’m on the beach!
   This has been quite the cambio! I LOVE my new sector, I believe it’s bigger than all my other sectors combined…. I love my new comp, not only is he a latino…but he is also a convert of 3 years… I also saw more men in priesthood than I ever have! There is more than enough work here and I’m living in the same house as the ONLY OTHER Virginian in the mission (Elder Christopher Ritter from Roanoke, VA)!
   The people here are super nice and there are a lot more people out and about in the street here. I love it! I know this’ll be a fantastic cambio.
(PS cambio means change or in this case transfer – a transfer in mission lingo is a 6 week period of time)
 Esta semana fue muy emocionante. Veo mucha potencial aquí en Camilo, solamente necesitamos ordenar un poquito aquí y los milagros van a empezar a fluir (flow?). Estoy muy animado para tener mi primer compañero latino y ya está ayudando perfeccionar las pequeñas errores que nadie había corregido antes en mi español.  Igual los miembros aquí son fantásticos/  This week was very exciting.  I see a lot of potential here in Camilo, we just need to organize a little here and the miracles are going to flow.  I am very excited to have my first Latino companion and he is already helping me perfect the small errors in my Spanish that nobody has corrected before.
-Elder Samuel Bauserman

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